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Raffaele Grimaldi

Composer, pianist and conductor


Kathy Parsons [Mainly Piano Magazine]

Grimaldi’s lyrical and masterful music expresses everything from deep emotions to experiences in nature and more with sensitivity and power. There are strong classical influences, but this music is contemporary and should be accessible to anyone willing to take the time to really listen. 

Doriana Tozzi []

Con “M•O•S•A•I•C” Raffaele Grimaldi racconta appassionatamente piccole grandi scene introspettive attraverso le note ora guizzanti come il tempo che scorre frenetico e ora sospese a rievocare le attese che sembrano dilatare i minuti, regalandoci un disco delicato ed emozionante.

Marcin Paprota [Yes Music]

His work is permeated by directness, emotionality, striking intimacy, sensitivity. I value Grimaldi’s openness to various musical currents and an experimental approach.

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